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19 September 2012

Goldbaby - Free sample Pack

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Goldbaby - Free sample Pack
Goldbaby - Free sample Pack | 264MB

The free sample pack from Goldbaby :
-TapeDP50: This is a sample pack of drum sounds from the 1980s Technics DP50. Given some tape love!

-Hapi vs Xylophone: This sampled instrument was created by layering a Hapi Tank Drum and a Xylophone. It has a lovely bell like tone and I thought it was worth sharing! For EXS24 and Kontakt

-iAm-K3m Drum :36 x 24 bit wavs created using the Kawai K3m synth. These samples were taken from the iAm-K3m product.

-XmasGift 2010: 105 x 24 bit wavs created using an SP1200. Gritty, warm and dripping in sweet 12 bit dirt.

-GBfree Nov2010: Drum samples made using U-hes Ace synth with some analog outboard. Plus some glitchy fx made using Audio Damage plug-ins. Check out Ace: www.acesynth.com Check out Audio Damage plug-ins: www.audiodamage.com 81 x 24 bit wavs (drum hits & FX) Includes Guru and Battery patches

-Tape MR-16: An obscure drum machine from Korg gets the tape treatment... 80 x 24 bit wav (Drum hits)

-iAmDrum-MS20: Using the MS20 to process some drums... through its filters and also some pitch to CV craziness for glitchy stuff. 182 x 24 bit wavs (drum hits) Includes Kontakt and EXS24 patches

-The TapeVermona: An interesting and rare German drum machine gets some tape love...142 x 24 bit wav (drum hits)

-The TapeTonic: The fantastic µTonic by Sonic Charge get the tape treatment.21 x 24 bit wav (Drum hits)

-MG-1 vs Audio Damage: Synth FX sample pack made using a Moog MG-1 and Audio Damage FX Plug-ins 37 x 24 bit wav synth fx

-The DMX-606: Take a TR-606 and sample it using a Prommer... then burn some EPROMs and install them on a DMX. Crunchy 606! 74 x 24 bit wav (Drum hits)

-MPC60 Free: Some drum samples from the MPC60.... It contains samples not used in the MPC60 vol 1,2 or 3. 34 x 24 bit wav drums

-The Cassette808: Hows this for retro and old school. These samples were created by recording the TR808 drums onto cassette! 21 x 24 bit wavs (with Maschine kits)

-Cheetah MD16: British drum machine from the early 90s. Plenty of grit! 102 x 24 bit wav drum samples

-SP1200 vs MBase1: The Mbase Analog Bass Drum machine sampled through the SP-1200. 25 x 24 bit wav drum samples

-The Fat H3500: The famous Eventide effect unit can actually be played like an instrument. This time recorded through a UBK Fatso! 24 bit multi sampled instruments... For Kontakt and EXS24

-The Tape TR-66: Rolands lovely 70s analog drum machines given some tape love... 113 x 24 bit wav (Drum hits)

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